Kumar Management: Vista, CA location.

The Kumar Management Vista location is run by CEO Devin S. Parker.

This location is in Sunny San Diego County. CEO Devin S. Parker travels around personally to downtown San Diego, Orange County (The O.C.), Los Angeles, and Perris.

  • Meeting up with their local artists like neo-pop Jazz group Cosmic View to get ready for their performance. Or hanging with San Diego’s popular ‘Jaam Kwest’ while they blast the tunes at Pacific Beach’s ‘Longboards’ Bar & Grill every Sunday night. (For tickets, please click here )
  • Discovering new talent in his area

  • Recording locally at the studio in Perris, CA. Or ripping the saxophone with Ray Straughter (student of John Coltrane) of Cosmic View at the office in Vista, CA.
  • Meeting with clubs and bars to book Kumar’s individual artists

To Contact the Vista, CA location of Kumar Management with inquiries or interest;

call (760) 696-7700

email: management@kumarmanagement.com
or visit the website at www.kumarmanagement.com